Not So Teen Teen Mom
Here We Go…

 So my name is Becca and I have been contemplating writing a blog for way too long. I wish I started earlier already! I got pregnant at 18 and I am not the teen mom you see on 16 & Pregnant. In fact, that show has urged me to write a blog to talk about what it’s REALLY like to be a young mommy. Mind you, this being my first blog, I have no idea how to work this website, soooo I’ll try to make my writing extra-interesting to compensate for the boring appearance! Anyways, let me tell you about my life!

I live in an extremely small town where everyone knows everything about everyone! Fortunately, I was able to hide my pregnancy until I was ready and prepared to be vicariously talked about. No, I was never ashamed, I just wanted to make sure I told everyone I needed to first. My baby was conceived on Valentine’s Day, pretty cool, right? But obviously, being 18 it was unplanned. When I found out, I laughed because I thought it wasn’t true. Throughout my entire pregnancy, I never had a meltdown. I was always happy and ready. Miss Lillianna Jane was born on November 29, 2011 at 4:05 PM, a week late. Top notch craziest and best moment of my life. She is the most beautiful little being I have ever seen and the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Yes, my boyfriend is involved and no, it’s not a living hell at all. His name is Adam and he is two years younger. He’s still in high school which really sucks because now that the baby is here, it shows more than before. We’ve both turned a year older making him 17 and me 19. I live at my house and he lives at his, which makes it so that I take care of her all day-all night. This is what I expected and I am perfectly okay with where we are given our circumstances.

My little princess is going to be six months old in two weeks and oh. my. god. time has gone by ridiculously fast and it’s crazy how fast they change!! Lily is a beautiful baby with the best temperament. She sleeps well at night, but she sleeps in my bed half of the night! She began solid foods around 4 1/2 months which was scary to me but I guess that’s like the newest anti-allergy study results. Lil can sit up, roll over, smile, giggle, reach for mommy, and is a good eater! She is the key to my heart and happiness. I will later post more on me, my baby, my pregnancy and my life, but for now, I’m just hoping to find an audience!


Me & My Beautiful Baby

Me & My Beautiful Baby